The 1st Round is history- Impressions

Thank you very much , Istvan Toth, IDSF Adjudicator,ROM, for letting us know your comments on this 1st Round.

“ I discovered, that the majority of couples don`t like to dance basic figures (syllabus). Many of them are spinning, turning and making fast movements. Only just a few couples seem to enjoy dancing and feel their movement.

I also have the feeling, that most of the couples are executing movements, because they have to do it. Their feelings don`t come from inside.

All the couples put accent on their dresses and on their look.  But dancing is not so complicated : I would like to see more together with the music in a NATURAL way.

I saw only a few couples moving in a natural way. These are the real dancers, the rest are artificial.


~ by SAI on 24 April 2010.

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