Some are different

Thank you very much Mr. Michael Herdlitzka, IDSF Adjudicator from Austria for finding some who are different from the crowd.
Romania : Bogdan Boie-Alexandra Jolobceastai : they show very clean basic work and use effects only when they support the story of the dance.
Belarus : Artem Gaylit – Elizaveta Shibaeva : They showed very good male and female characteristics.
Ukraine :
Roman Gerbay – Jana Poberezhnyk : They use simple, but typical choreography, dance very fluently with many light and shade contrasts.
Lithuania :Petkevicius Lukas – Klupsaite Lukas : Wow !!! They do listen to the music !

I enjoyed watching many good couples, but some do better Latin than others !


~ by SAI on 24 April 2010.

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