Just one evening before the Championship we met some couples in the hotel. Some of them very relaxed, watching videos on YouTube or enjoying their dinner.

Evgeniy Kuzin and Elina Popova
Representing couple from Russia.

You had been most successful in the recent European Championship in Moscow. What do you think about the Worlds today ?

“ We are dancing together since half a year and we are very happy that we had been nominated to compete in this competition, to represent Russia. We try to do our best to be most successful for Russia.”
Have you been nominated or is there any qualification system ?
“We are champions in Russia and usually the first and second couple goes to World Championships, the first and third goes to European.”
So I wish you good luck for tomorrow and a successful competition.

Marek Bures and Junona Fisman – Germany

Sudden changes and splits are the reason that there is only one couple from Germany competing in this World Championship.

Marek introduced himself  and his partner Junona:

“I was born in Czech Republic, now I live in Germany and represent Germany together with my partner Junona. We dance together for two years and tomorrow we dance our first Championship together.

We are prepared for the day and do our best, hopefully we will make the semifinal, final would be great.”


~ by SAI on 24 April 2010.

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